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Welcome to Xentronix Internet Services

Xentronix is active as Internet Service Provider since 2001. Our internet services are provided from extremely advanced datacenters in The Netherlands.

In order to provide optimal service, we explicitly use A-brand equipement like Cisco, HP, Dell and SuperMicro.

For our webhosting services we only use Xeon and Opteron servers, to garantee our customers optimal speed and stability for their websites.

Orders placed before 18:00 CET for webhosting or a reseller account are garanteed to be online the same day.

You could be online today!


Uw eigen website online?

v.a. € 2,99 p/maand

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Een server huren?
- 4096Mb Geheugen
- 500Gb Harddisk
- 1000Gb dataverkeer

v.a. € 59,95 p/maand


Uw eigen server plaatsen?
- 1U rack ruimte
- 1000Gb dataverkeer

v.a. € 39,95 p/maand